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Niagara Belco offers products to help you overcome mobilityand accessibility constraints that will help you stay mobile and independent inthe comfort of your own home. Finding the right solution for your needs dependson your level of mobility, and what fits best in your best.

Not sure on where to start? Look below to learn about our solutionsand what may be suitable for you to get you mobility back! We are here to help,one of our qualified team embers would be please to discuss options with youthat fit your lifestyle.

What product is for you?

You use a wheelchair, walker, or a mobility aid?
You may be able to use a stairlift, but you might need a second mobility device at the other end of the stairs, and you must feel steady to get on and off the stairlift. the right choice may be lift that can accommodate your device, especially for those in a wheelchair. This could be a vertical platform lift or a home elevator.

Veritcal platForm Lift

Vertical Platform Lifts (VPLs), often called a wheelchaiur lifts or porch lifts, are an economical choice to provide users access to thier home, commercial or public place such as schools, churches and public buildings.
■ Versatile design with many finish options
■ Up to 4 stops
■ Can be configured for use in a shaftway
■ Suitable for indoors and outdoors
Do you have difficulty using the stairs or are afraid of falling?
This type of stairlift is ideal for a single, straightflight of stairs that has no turns or landings. Using a stairlift requires theused to be able to get on and off the seat. This solution does not liftmobility devices such as a wheelchair or walker. When not in use, the stairliftfolds up allowing full access to the stairs and landings. If you have a singleflight of stairs and are able to get on and off the stairlift, our Gen+ Stairlift is the perfect choice for you!


A straight stairlift is very cost-effective way to add mobility to a home.
■ For residential use only
■ Slim folded profile
■ Quiet, reliable operation
■ Most cost-effective solution
GEN+ Stairlift

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